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A. Falkenberg was established in 1892 by Anton Falkenberg and Carl Fredrik Hemsen. The first commodities were French Cognac, Cuban cigars, American smoked salmon, cement and other merchandise. In the 1920s there began a gradual specialization in the sale of machines. Today Falkenberg is the leading importer and dealer of machines and equipment for the Norwegian woodworking industry.

Falkenberg has a staff of 26 and is located at Billingstad, 20 km to the south of Oslo. A. Falkenberg Eftf. AS is supplier of complete production lines, machines and equipment to the entire Norwegian woodworking industry, from furniture industry to sawmills.


Falkenberg is organized in three main departments; sales, service with spareparts and administration.  
The sales department consists of seven area managers and four product managers. Four of the area managers are permanently located in their respective districts, while the others operate from the office at Billingstad.
The service department is responsible for all machine installations,
start-up, repairs and service. Our Servicecenter assists our customers
with purchase of tools, spare parts and accessories.