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Tømrerhøvel ZH 320 Ec

Varenummer: MAF-M924401
Tilgjengelighet: (0) på lager

Tømrerhøvel ZH 320 Ec

Varenummer: MAF-M924401
Tilgjengelighet: (0) på lager
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Tecnical Data

Planing width 320 mm
Planing depth 0 - 3 mm
Cutter head diameter 74 mm
Nominal No. of strokes – no load 8500 1/min
Nominal power input 2700 W
Weight 14 kg
Universal motor 230 V / 50 Hz

  • Cross-cutting and rip cuts
  • Bevel cuts up to 60°
  • General joining work, birdsmouth cuts
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, laminated beams, insulating materials, composite boards

  • Ergonomic, ideally positioned handles offer supreme operating ease and allow the work to be performed efficiently in every situation.
  • Continuously variable speed control for individual requirements and applications.
  • The desired cutting depth is easily set with a control wheel and highly legible scale. The nuisance of doublechecking dimensions is a thing of the past.

  • The new chip ejector with excellent chip removal via enhanced air flow and new air duct makes blockages due to wet chips a thing of the past!
  • Thanks to the development of the 2700 watt (3.6 hp) motor, it is now possible to achieve a 320 mm (12 5/8 in.) planing width with a light current motor.
  • Due the consistent lightweight design, the solid cast construction weighs only 14 kg (30.9 lbs).
  • As with most MAFELL machines, the intelligent control electronics keep watch in the background. For smooth start-up and constant speed under load, speed reduction to protect the machine without load and overload protection.
  • After switching off, the highly efficient tool brake stops the cutter head in seconds. Just a detail, but important for your continued safety after planing.

Delivery specification
  • 1 Reversible knives, 1 pair, HL; Ref. No. 091791
  • 1 Single-end spanner 8 mm; Ref. No. 093258
  • 1 Mains cable 10 m (32.8 ft); Ref. No. 087378
  • Planing width 320 mm
  • Planing depth 3 mm
  • boxed

Høykapasitetshøvel, manuell

With CUprex, the high-performance motor • Excellent chip ejection • Practical handle arrangement

Produsent: Mafell
Land: Tyskland

Varenummer: MAF-M091791

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