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Kappsag KSS 300 MaxiMAX i T-MAX kasse

Varenummer: MAF-M916702
Tilgjengelighet: (3) på lager

Kappsag KSS 300 MaxiMAX i T-MAX kasse

Varenummer: MAF-M916702
Tilgjengelighet: (3) på lager
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Tekniske data:

Snittdybde  0-40mm
Tilt 0-45º
Snittlengde 337mm
Omdreiningshastighet tomgang 8800 1/min
Effekt 900W
Vekt 3,2kg
Universalmotor 230V/50Hz
Snittdybde ved 45º 0-27mm
Snittdybde uten skinne 0-42mm
Vinkelsnitt  45º til -60º

  • Cross cuts with guide
  • Rip cuts and cross-cutting
  • Plunge cuts, recesses and cutting shadow gaps from 13 mm (1/2 in.)
  • Compatible materials include board materials, doors, worktops, parquet and laminate flooring, cladding

  • The pivot point of the KSS 300 is on the side, on the bottom edge of the rail. This has the advantage of requiring only a single tracing pointer for all angles – with or without the rail.
  • Enables you to detach the machine from the rail in a single, quick action. The saw can then be used as a separate portable circular unit with all the functionality of the MAFELL KSP series.
  • The smart stop and adjustable fence with large scale increments for exact angle settings facilitate very precise and consistent miter cuts.

  • In internal finishing, one thing is important above all else: precision. Designed for supreme handling, the KSS 300 cross-cutting system therefore focuses on all the key functions for this type of work.
  • Fastening the portable circular saw to the KSS rail creates a very practical single-handed cross-cutting system for bevel and miter cuts; once the cut has been executed, the saw automatically returns to the starting position.
  • Offering a maximum cutting depth of 42 mm, the portable circular saw delivers ample power in all situations. Thanks to magnesium die-cast components, this especially neat and lightweight saw weighs only 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs).
  • The entire, compact sawing system is accommodated in the T-MAX carrying case - it is an ideal tool for shadow gaps, rip, bevel, plunge and angled cuts, as well as free-hand work.

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Extremely compact and practical design • Unique rail system • Ideal for sawing panels • Bevel and miter cuts - quick and easy

Maskintype: Kappsag
Produsent: Mafell
Land: Tyskland

Varenummer: MAF-M204372

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