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Stikksag P1 cc i T-MAX-kasse

Varenummer: MAF-M917103
Tilgjengelighet: (1) på lager

Stikksag P1 cc i T-MAX-kasse

Varenummer: MAF-M917103
Tilgjengelighet: (1) på lager
kr 5 800,00 ex. mva.
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More power thanks to high-performance CUprex compact motor • Greater precision thanks to CUnex sawblade and rail compatibility
Produsent: Mafell
Land: Tyskland

Tecnical Data

Effekt  900W
Universal motor  230V / 50Hz
Slagtakt tomgang 1000-3000 1/min
Vekt 2,7kg
Slaglengde 26mm


  • Straight cuts with guide rail and CUnex
  • Guided circle cutting with P1-PA parallel fence and CUnex
  • Recesses
  • Bevel cuts up to 45°
  • Compatible materials depend on sawblade; see special accessories/tools


  • The iF Product Design Award 2011 for the Jig Saw P1 cc.
  • To change the sawblade, simply release the locking lever. With just one hand, effortlessly remove the blade and insert the replacement.
  • The high-performance CUprex compact motor delivers consistently high speeds, even when executing long cuts.
  • The vacuum channel integrated in the sole plate guarantees outstanding dust extraction directly alongside the sawblade.

  • Owing to its ergonomic design, with low center of pressure and soft pads, the P1 cc is comfortable to hold in every situation.
  • Sophisticated self-extraction and a clever integrated blower keep the work surface free from chips, even if a dust extractor is not connected. The workplace therefore remains clean at all times.
  • The P1 cc offers continuously variable speeds in the range 800 to 3000 strokes/min., so that the output can be adjusted exactly to suit the material.
  • The sole plate, with integrated vacuum channel, is as sturdy as it looks. By way of a quick-release mechanism, it remains reliably fastened to the saw at an exact right angle.
  • Its intelligent accessories give the P1 cc unprecedented versatility. The innovative design of the new MAFELL precision sawblade CUnex W1, in particular, facilitates extremely precise sawing.

Delivery specification

  • 3 jig saw blades CUnex W1, W2, W+P2
  • 1 Parallel guide fence P1-PA; Ref. No. 205448
  • 1 base plate P1-GP; Ref. No. 204350
  • 1 hose connector P1-AS; Ref. No. 203917
  • 1 chip deflector P1-SA; Ref. No. 204353
  • 1 splinter guard P1-SS; Ref. No. 205447
  • 1 glider P1-G; Ref. No. 205464
  • 1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft)
  • Transport and storage box T-MAX

Varenummer: MAF-M093676

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Varenummer: MAF-M093701

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Varenummer: MAF-M093702

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Varenummer: MAF-M093703

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Varenummer: MAF-M093704

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Varenummer: MAF-M093706

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Varenummer: MAF-M093705

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Varenummer: MAF-M093707

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Varenummer: MAF-M093708

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Varenummer: MAF-M093709

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Varenummer: MAF-M093710

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Varenummer: MAF-M205448

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Varenummer: MAF-M205447

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Varenummer: MAF-M205446

Til stikksag P1 cc. Svingbar opp til +/- 45 °
kr 970,00 ex. mva.
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