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Støvsuger S 25 L; 25 liter støvklasse L

Varenummer: MAF-M919715
Tilgjengelighet: (0) på lager

Støvsuger S 25 L; 25 liter støvklasse L

Varenummer: MAF-M919715
Tilgjengelighet: (0) på lager
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Tecnical Data

Bin capacity 25 l
Bin water capacity 20 l
Hose connector Ø 66 / 58 mm
Low air pressure 248 mbar
Dimensions (W x L x H) 425 x 380 x 570 mm
Volume flow rate 220 m3/h
Nominal power input 1200 W
Weight 13,2 kg
Universal motor 230 V / 50 Hz

  • For wet and dry pick-up
  • For picking up waste
  • Compatible materials include dust, chips, liquids

  • Conveniently located on the front of the appliance are the on/off switch, the switch for automatic vibration and pulse filter cleaning/vibration, the speed control for adjusting the suction force, and the volume flow indicator.
  • Practical hose connection - with quick-release/bayonet lock plus additional catch.
  • Automatic shutdown with wet suction - by means of sensors when maximum capacity is reached.
  • When used for wet suction cleaning, the appliance cuts out automatically when its maximum capacity is reached.

  • Whether sawing, drilling or sanding, the innovative MAFELL dust extractors are designed to keep the workplace clean.
  • The S 25 L model is tested for compliance with dust class L and, in view of its substantial dust retention capacity (99 %), is suitable for use as a standard industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner.
  • All the appliances are equipped with microprocessor-controlled electronics for safe and efficient operation. The features include smooth starting, which eases the load on both the appliance and the power circuit, and automatic running-on to ensure that the hose is emptied when the extractor is switched off. In addition, the speed control allows the suction force to be adjusted according to the extent of contamination and the hose diameter.
  • A long service life is ensured by the high-performance motor fan with bypass cooling. Ideal for wet and dry suction cleaning.
  • Thanks to the automatic on/off switch, the MAFELL dust extractors can be used for extracting the dust cre

Delivery specification
  • 1 Folded filter cassette, 1 pair (polyester); Ref. No. 093674
  • 1 Extraction hose 4 m (13.1 ft), Ø 27 mm (1 1/16 in.), anti-static with bayonet lock Ø 6 mm (2 5/8 in.), hose connector Ø 35 mm (1 3/8 in.); Ref. No. 093684
  • 2 Fold filter cartridges, cellulose (8600 cm²); Ref. No. 093673
  • 1 Non-woven filter bag, 21 l useful capacity
  • 1 Mains cable 8 m; Ref. No. 078207
  • boxed

Proffesionell støvsuger, støvklasse L

Typetillatelse i støvklasse L • filteret renses automatisk gjennom rystebevegelse • Antistatisk utrustning er med i leveringsomfangen

Produsent: Mafell
Land: Tyskland

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