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Biesse sugekopp/jigg

Varenummer: BIES-JIGG-ATS
Tilgjengelighet: (Ta kontakt)

Biesse sugekopp/jigg

Varenummer: BIES-JIGG-ATS
Tilgjengelighet: (Ta kontakt)
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CNC-machines of the Biesse Rover series has been working with fast exchangeable vaccum cups approx. since the year 2000.

The base bodies of the vacuum cups are inserted into a holding fixture on a pod and rail table. The base body and holding fixture have a grating that is divided into 15° steps. Thus, it is possible to position the suction cup in different angles on the pod and rail table.

Vacuum cups of Biesse are available in three different heights: 29mm, 48mm and 74mm.

To minimize the setup time the vacuum cups are equipped with valves that only release the suction when the workpiece is placed. The vacuum cups on the remaining consoles, which are not used, simply stay on the machine. Unoccupied holding fixtures are covered with a dummy cap that helps avoiding pollution and shuts off the vacuum in this holding fixture. Manufacturers of accessories offer alternative vacuum cups. They are available in the same heights like the original vacuum cups. Thus, they can be combined at will.

Before the year 2000 Biesse used another system, where the vacuum cups only could be moved on the pod and rail table.

Sugekopper i forskellige høyder

Sugekoppene finnes i 3 forskjellige. høyder: 29, 48 og 74mm

Produsent: Biesse Group
Land: Italia