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Batteri-slagdrill ASB18 M bl MidiMAX

Varenummer: MAF-M91A101
Tilgjengelighet: (0) på lager

Batteri-slagdrill ASB18 M bl MidiMAX

Varenummer: MAF-M91A101
Tilgjengelighet: (0) på lager
kr 6 000,00 ex. mva.
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Tecnical Data

Collar diameter 43 mm
Chuck capacity 13 mm
Max. drilling diameter in wood / steel 50 / 13 mm
Torque soft / hard 44 / 90 Nm
Impulse torque (soft) 49 Nm
1st speed range 0 - 600 1/min
2nd speed range 0 - 2050 1/min
Weight (including battery 1,9 kg
Nominal voltage 18 V
Impact rate 38950 1/min
Torque settings 11


  • Drilling
  • Driving
  • Percussion drilling
  • Ideal for construction sites


  • The convenient function switch on the top of the cordless drill driver selects the drilling, driving and impulse modes.
  • The percussion drill function extends the application scope of the ASB 18 M bl.
  • Spindle with 1/4“ chuck directly accommodates bits and push-fit accessories.
  • 43 mm diameter clamping collar fits all MAFELL BST drilling stations.
  • Bright LEDs illuminate a large working area.
  • With two bit holders on each side of the machine, the desired bit is always to hand.
  • The maintenance-free brushless motor ensures a long service life and, thanks to its high efficiency, makes best possible use of the battery capacity.

  • Powerful, user-friendly, tough, resilient – MAFELL‘s new, high-output cordless drill drivers enhance the pleasure of doing a good job.
  • The large torque range gives access to extremely high twisting forces. Screws can be tightened carefully in a wide range of applications – with the appropriate torque selected, even large screws can be used.
  • Tool-free quick-release system for speed and efficiency when alternating between drilling and driving.
  • The selectable impulse mode comes to the fore when confronted with immovable screws.
  • Thanks to the practical belt clip, the cordless drill driver is always within reach. It can be attached to the left or right of the machine without any tools.
  • The battery PowerTanks feature process-controlled technology.
  • All the relevant factors, including the individual cell state, air cooling and cell temperature are monitored. In addition, the floating battery cells are protected against mechanical influences.

Delivery specification

  • 1 Quick-release chuck A-SBF 13; Ref. No. 206772
  • 1 Quick-release bit holder A-SBH; Ref. No. 206766
  • 1 Battery-PowerStation APS 18 M; Ref. No. 094453
  • 1 Belt clip
  • 1 Auxiliary handle
  • 1 Bit PZ 2
  • 2 Battery PowerTanks 18 M 72; Ref. No. 094432
  • Transport and storage box T-MAX

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    Outstanding torque range • Brushless motor • Excellent power-to-weight ratio • Best of performance

    Produsent: Mafell
    Land: Tyskland

    Varenummer: MAF-M206772

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    Varenummer: MAF-M206766

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